6 Most Rebellious Zodiac Signs – Are You One of Them?

Some people are much more rebellious than others and prefer to do things in their own way. See the zodiacs signs have to say about some personalities.


Personal rebellion can come in many forms, including by checking your horoscope to prove that other people are wrong. We often hear the idea of a rebellious nature that manifests itself in someone who fights against the norm or stands up against the opposition. Alas, the rebellion can be very subtle, even a form of art for those who are born under certain signs of the zodiac.

While the rebellion can begin as this first indignant cry that fills our lungs and escapes at the time of our birth, depending on who you are and what your sign is, you can be astrologically made to be the cosmic rebel – with or without cause.

Here are the 6 zodiac signs that are the most rebellious in their ways:

1Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

Always thinking, these people have a plan in their mind and if something hinders their plan, they will play the long game, that is, they will wait for you and then deliver you the way they want things work. If you had your heart ready to do things your way, it really does not matter if you are dealing with an Aquarius – they will do it in their own way despite all your efforts. You think you are in control? Not with an Aquarius. Remember, the long game is there to give you the impression that everything works as you had planned, until BAM !, the rebel is making his way … again.