Use tea bags in your house and your car with these 7 surprising tricks

Instead of throwing out your tea bags after using them, you can use it in your car or home. Here is how to do it.


Although tea bags are bought to consume, there are different uses for them that could change how you live your daily life. They will not only be used to brew your morning, noon and night beverage but will also be used for daily cleaning. Don’t throw them away after infusing them, save them for all the household uses we’ve listed below.

1In the car

Place dry tea bags in your car in various places; in the glove compartment, under the passenger seat or behind the back seat headrests. You can even use different kinds. Tea bags emit a nice-smelling odour that covers moisture, mould and bad smells in the car. They are much more effective than the car air fresheners found in stores because they can last up to 7 months.