These 10 Treasures Are Just Waiting To Be Found By You!

There are many hidden treasures all over the world. If you've always dreamed of finding one, here's a list of 10 treasures to discover.


We have all imagined ourselves finding treasures of inestimable richness – that’s why we participate in lotteries, after all. We obviously think that all the past treasures must have been discovered, don’t we? However, this is not true! There are many treasures, whose loot constitutes considerable sums of money, that are just waiting for the right adventurer to find them and transform them into a retirement plan for the next ten generations of their family. Grab your pickaxe, shovel and diving equipment, and get to work to find the treasure of your dreams.

1The Forrest Fenn treasure

In 1988, Forrest Fenn, a Vietnam War veteran and treasure hunter, received heartbreaking news. He was diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis was not good. He, therefore, prepared to die by taking a small chest and filling it with his most precious possessions. According to Vox, the man planned to go into the mountains and die with his treasure. However, he overcame his cancer. In 2010, he decided to bury it somewhere in the Rockies by publishing nine clues in the form of a 24-line poem, promising anyone who found his treasure a loot worth millions.

It is not surprising that a ton of people searched for the treasure, and Fenn estimates that about 65,000 people travelled to the wilderness of the Rockies, with a theory that must be the right one. Although Fenn keeps reminding people that the treasure is hidden in a place accessible even to an 80-year-old person, many people have died in this quest. The Telegraph issued a warning issued by local police services that found the remains of the unfortunate treasure hunters.