5 practical homemade tips for stretching new shoes!

There's nothing worse than buying (unreturnable) shoes that are too tight! Thankfully, it is possible to stretch them with these 5 DIY tricks!


Buying tight shoes happens to the best of us. They seem fine in the store but once we go home and try them on again, we realize they are too small… And also realize we can’t bring them back because they were on final sale or we can’t find the receipt. Make these tight shoes stretch to fit your feet with these 5 easy hacks!

1. Try shoe trees


Buy two shoe trees, place them inside your shoes and adjust them with the knob. You can select the type of expansion (width or length) and leave the tree shoes in your shoes until you get the desired result. Of course, don’t try this trick if you don’t want to spend any money.

2. Use newspaper


Use newspaper to stretch your shoes. Simply scrunch up some newspaper to make two balls and then dip them in water. Put the balls in the shoes and leave them there all night. When you remove the newspaper the next day, your shoes should be a bit bigger.

3. Try the freezer bag trick

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Take two plastic bags, fill them with water halfway and close them. Place the bags in your shoes and place your shoes in the freezer. Once the water is frozen, remove the shoes from the freezer and wait about 20 minutes. Remove the bags from your shoes and dry them.

4. Use potatoes

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Everyone has potatoes at home so this trick is easy to do. Take two big potatoes, peel them and cover them with paper towel. Just like the newspaper trick, leave them in the shoes all night long and remove them in the morning.

5. Use some thick socks


Wear thick wool socks or ski socks in your tight shoes to stretch them out. Walk around your house to speed up the process. This is a great thing to do with any new pair of shoes!

Cover photo: Im-Fan

Source: Grands-Mères