Incredibly Expensive Mansions That Are Now Abandoned

These gorgeous mansions have had their ups and downs. Discover what happened to some of the most expensive homes of the world.


Beautiful, expensive, historical, these abandoned mansions below have known great moments but also difficult times. Discover what happened to some of the most incredible and costly estates all across the world.

1. Sunninghill Park, Berkshire, UK

Tony Harris / PA Archive / Wikipedia

The queen gifted the Duke and Duchess of York a 665-acre parcel of land after their wedding in 1986. Completed in 1990, the home was criticized and called a ‘Dallas Palace’ since it resembled a soap opera home. The two divorced and left the property vacant in 2006.

2. Swannanoa, Rockfish Gap, USA

Hiserman, R. L. / Oddharmonic Wikimedia Commons

This Italian Renaissance Revival mansion in Virginia was built for Major James H. Dooley. It took 8 years to finish and no expense was spared. When both died, the estate went to Major Dooley’s sisters who sold the mansions right away. Described as a “money pit”, the mansion still needs extensive work but it does manage to function as a wedding venue.

3. Mezhyhirya Residence, Novi Petrivtsi, Ukraine

Aleksandr Andreiko (CC BY-SA 2.0) / Wikimedia Commons

This mansion was the official summer home for the Soviet leadership and was then passed on the Ukranian government when the USSR was dissolved. The Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovych, moved in and spent millions (of taxpayers’ money) on it. Currently hiding in Russia and wanted for high treason, the palace was abandoned and is now a museum.

4. Bamboo Palace, Gbadolite, Democratic Republic of the Congo

John Wessels / AFP / Getty

The former president of the now Democratic Republic of Congo also used his people’s money to create this ‘Versailles in the Jungle’. The mansion was furnished with Louis XVI furniture and was filled with marble and gilding. The president was deposed and the palace was looted and abandoned.

5. Kinmel Hall, Abergele, UK

John Ingleby / Wikimedia Commons

Known as the ‘Welsh Versailles’, Kinmel Hall dates back to the late 1800s. It has 365 rooms and was built for copper tycoon Hugh Robert Hughes. The estate was used as a private home until 1929, when it was converted into a boy’s school. After many changes and unfinished deals, looters stole many important items in 2013.

6. Selma Mansion, Leesburg, USA

Jack Parrott / Flickr CC

This historical plantation house dates back to the 1700s. In the 20s, there were balls and dinner parties galore where all the who’s who of the South attended. After the home was abandoned in the early 2000s, the house started to fall apart and vandals ruined the interior. Thankfully, Sharon Virts and her husband bought the estate in 2016 and are currently restoring it.

7. Hook End Manor, Checkendon, UK

Des Blenkinsopp / Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1580, this estate went from home to mental asylum back to a home to many prominent British figures. David Gilmour from the band Pink Floyd bought this home from Alvin Lee, lead singer of the band Ten Years After, and then later sold it to producer Trevor Horn. Ghosts were often seen at the estate and it is rumoured that David Gilmour’s wife refused to stay there because of the paranormal activity. After Horn’s wife was tragically and accidentally shot but their son, the house was sold and appeared to be abandoned until a few years ago.

8. Neverland Ranch, Los Olivos, USA

C3396 / DPA / PA and Wikipedia

Michael Jackson bought this estate after recording a song with Paul McCartney there. Jackson built an amusement park and even had a petting zoo. He had many events and parties at the ranch, including the wedding of Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky. Michael Jackson was charged with child abuse and Neverland was searched by police to find clues. After he was acquitted, Michael Jackson vowed never to live at Neverland again. In debt, Michael Jackson struggled to keep the ranch but the investment firm Colony Capital bought a majority stake in 2008. After his death, the ranch was put on the market but even if it has been renovated, it is still abandoned and no one wants to buy it.

Source: Love property