Which Gemstone Corresponds To Your Birth Month?

Are you curious to know which gemstone is associated with the month you were born? If you want to join the very old tradition of wearing a ring, a necklace or any other kind of jewellery adorned with the gemstone associated with the month of your birth, we got you. Find out your birthstone and its significance.


The first official birth month gemstone list was created in 1912 by the Jewellers of America. It became a beautiful and meaningful way to associate people with different gemstones and recognize each other according to similar times of birth throughout the year and seasons. Since then, people have been buying birthstone necklaces and rings as well as any other kind of jewelry. These twelve jewel tints, one for each month of the year, are to be worn and gifted according to one’s month of birth. If you’re curious to know which gemstone corresponds to your birth month in order to join this extremely old trend and wear the color that’s unique to your specific special month of the year, continue reading!

We will be listing every gemstone that corresponds a month as well as pictures so you know what they look like in the event that you don’t recognize the names of these gems.

1January – Garnet

The Lilly Pad Village

This stone symbolizes loyalty and engagement and is said to protect those who wear it. It also brings prosperity and even has aphrodisiac powers.