This Woman Turns A $7,000 Bus Into A Luxury Caravan!

Have you ever wanted to live on the road? This woman turned a $7,000 bus into a luxury transport. Find out how now!


When a young woman got tired of her career in the financial world, she decided to do something quite unusual. She bought a bus to convert it into a luxury caravan. It was when she was surfing the Internet that she came across the bus that would completely change her life.

1. This bus changed her life

This Bus Changed Her Life

Jessie Lipskin, 30, has decided to leave her apartment in New York to build her own house. After buying a Greyhound coach, she spent three tireless years transforming it into something that was not only luxurious but much more…

2. Sold!


This amazing story began in 2015 when Jessie Lipskin decided to quit her job in finance. One day, while on eBay, she came across a 1966 GMC Commuter Greyhound bus. “Recreational vehicles didn’t have the look I was looking for, so I came across a vintage bus,” she says. She bought the bus for only $7,000. She didn’t even have a driver’s license at the time.

3. Not an ordinary woman

No Ordinary Woman

What you will learn from this incredible story is that Jessie Lipskin is no ordinary woman. Unlike others who have transformed buses, Jessie decided to make changes in her life for special reasons. As a vegan, Jessie has adopted a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and has done extensive research on sustainable lifestyles. “I worked long hours in finance at the time and I had the impression that there was something else than in that universe,” she says.

4. Inspired by Reynolds


Jessie was first exposed to a sustainable lifestyle after watching “Garbage Warrior”. The documentary focuses on architect Michael Reynolds, who uses recycled materials to build Earthships. “I started consuming everything I could read about sustainable lifestyles. In the end, a house on wheels seemed to be the perfect solution: I could easily explore new places (finding a permanent place to settle down, in the short term, was not a priority for me).”

5. Natural progression

Natural Progression

For Jessie, it wasn’t as if she had just decided to spend the night on a bus. It was a gradual transition from her lifestyle in New York to a life in which she could only hold on to the things that really matter.

6. A woman who likes to travel

Travel Bug

Having lived in Manhattan for most of her life, Jessie didn’t just want a simpler life, she wanted to see the world. In her mind, if she had a mobile home, she could be at home and visiting new places at the same time. Over the past three years, Jessie has moved seven times, allowing her to see a little more of the world while transforming the bus in a variety of different locations.

7. Huge potential

Potential Huge

With compelling reasons behind her decision and a bold investment, Jessie was excited to see her 1966 GMC bus for the very first time. Of course, it didn’t seem like much. It was simply a bus that had carried millions of people over the years. In fact, it was an identical model to the bus that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock drove in the blockbuster production “Speed” of the 1990s. However, Jessie had a clear vision of what she wanted her trailer to look like, inside and out…

8. An almost empty bus

Square One One

The bus was sold to her exactly as it was advertised on eBay, so Jessie knew exactly what she was getting into. She knew that there were no neat features she could use. The bus had been stripped to the bones, and there were only a handful of seats left. Without haste, Jessie and her team kidnapped them. She wanted a completely empty bus, which would help her start transforming an old bus into her luxurious and environmentally friendly home…

9. A lot of work to do

Lots Of Work To Do

Over time, it became increasingly clear that Jessie had a lot to learn. “The big challenge is that it was very different to work on a house that is fixed in one place,” she says. Anyway, Jessie knew she would need help…

10. A little help from his friends

A Little Help From My Friends

As she was constantly on the move during the bus reconstruction, Jessie was able to meet a number of helpful people along the way. However, it was not easy to find the right people. “I love DIY, but I don’t have any experience in plumbing, with electricity or carpentry, things that are necessary for this project,” she says. Nevertheless, she was able to get help from a number of friends and entrepreneurs.

11. Family issues

Family Matters

Although Jessie received a lot of help from local friends and professionals, there was a group of people who were not so excited about her life decision – her family. “My mother thought I was crazy. She told everyone in her building: “My daughter buys a bus to live there,” she says. Nevertheless, she will eventually gain the support of her family.

12. Everything had to be perfect

Everything Needed To Be Perfect

Although she had the right people around her to put everything together, Jessie knew that in the end, it was her vision. So she had to make sure that everything was meticulous.

13. Amazing carpentry

Amazing Woodwork

Once the scaffolding was completed and the main frame of the new house was completed, Jessie and her team were able to move on to the basic furnishings. She hired local carpenter Mike Slater, who did the custom carpentry for her house.

14. A tribute to the bus

Honoring The Bus

As you can see, Jessie was respectful enough to make sure she didn’t just ignore the fact that the house she was creating was once a bus. After keeping the license plate, as well as the plate that contained the details of the person who built it, Jessie thought it was entirely appropriate to display these plates in her house. In this way, she honored the bus’s past, as well as all the people who helped her build her caravan.

15. Final result

Transformation – Done!

Three years later, Jessie was able to proudly look at her new home after spending over $70,000. However, when you consider how much a standard apartment in Manhattan costs, it is clear that Jessie has saved a lot of money in the process. Once finished, Jessie was excited to finally share her masterpiece with the world.

16. Let’s start from the outside

Let’s Start Outside

While the interior would ultimately determine whether the bus transformation was a success or a failure, how the exterior looked important to Jessie also mattered a lot. The shape remained the same, but Jessie had the bus painted completely.

17. Gigantic interior

Huge Interior

Strangely enough, one of the aspects of the bus conversion that Jessie wasn’t so happy about was the size of the interior. “When I come home, it’s huge,” she says. “This is even bigger than my apartment in New York.” As a result, Jessie made the most of the space she had.

18. Feeling at home

Feels Like Home

Although Jessie has a complicated relationship with her family and where she comes from, she has made a concerted effort to ensure that her new home reflects her personality, as well as her roots. For example, the young woman decorated the house with a number of family objects, such as photos of her ancestors. In addition, Jessie regularly uses precious porcelain plates that her great-grandmother used to use at home on Delancey Street on the Lower East Side of New York City.

19. Bathroom included

Bathroom Included

It is not only the common areas that have received the impression of being luxurious. Adjacent to the kitchen, the bathroom still had a lot of space to offer. “The bathroom has a split mahogany wooden floor that allows water to drain off to dry after the shower.”

20. Room with view

Room With A View

Not only is the bedroom beautifully designed, but it also has an open window, offering Jessie beautiful views. “I love not having a TV. I had the possibility of having a television, but I really like waking up in the morning and hearing the birds outside my window,” she says. So, if Jessie was so adamant that she didn’t want a TV, how exactly was she going to spend her free time in her new home?

21. Spend your time reading

Time To Hit The Books

After spending three years of her life-transforming her bus, Jessie now has “a small library at the back of the room”, with a long list of books she wants to read.

22. Enough storage space?

Enough Storage Space?

Although Jessie admitted that she might have needed more storage space on the bus, the limited amount certainly saved her some space. “I’ve always been very organized and organized and I’ve tried to get rid of what I don’t need.”

23. Guests

Guest Friendly

As a New Yorker, the young woman did everything possible to ensure that there would be room on the bus for potential guests. At the front, there is additional sleeping space in case friends or family members choose to stay for the weekend.