What you should absolutely never order from Dairy Queen!

Dairy Queen is the favorite place for many people during the summer season. However, some of the options on his menu are not very attractive... Read this article to learn more!


Dairy Queen is a must for many people during the summer season. Indeed, this is the ideal place to order one of their popular Blizzards or soft ice cream. But if you are used to going to Dairy Queen with the kids or even with your lover, you know that the menu of this restaurant chain goes beyond frozen dessert. However, you should be careful about what you choose to eat the next time you go to Dairy Queen. Indeed, some choices among the menu of the DQ could displease even the least difficult palates…

2Maybe the chicken is raw


According to the Center for Disease Control, raw or undercooked chicken is one of the leading causes of foodborne illness. This is not really new to most of us, whose mothers have all warned us never to eat pink chicken.

For several years, dissatisfied customers have been using social media to bring back raw or undercooked chicken strips from Dairy Queen, some of them even displaying photos to prove they are not exaggerating. However, a man from Indianapolis went further than displaying an online diatribe. When Zach Cruse found a strip of uncooked chicken in his order, he brought it back to DQ corporate. As a result of his complaint, the employee in charge was dismissed and the local health department initiated an investigation into the restaurant’s food preparation procedures.