12 DIY bathroom storage ideas

Discover a multitude of easy, practical and affordable ways to add storage space to your bathroom and how to keep everything tidy.


You can renovate your bathroom and add a multitude of storage ideas even with a small budget. The only thing you need is a little bit of creativity and a few arts and crafts skills. To inspire you, here are 12 easy, simple and affordable DIY storage ideas to keep your bathroom nice and tidy.

1. Storage containers


Put your toothbrushes and other accessories in these pretty containers. You can use old Mason jars, paint them in the colour of your choice, and you’ve got yourself pretty and useful jars.

2. Towel rails


Did you find some pretty stones on your last trip to the beach? Transform them into towel rails. This solution is quite charming and practical.

3. Makeup organizer


A vase filled with coffee beans, rice or glass marbles is ideal to hold all your makeup brushes. As well as being practical, this solution adds a nice touch to your decor.

4. Laundry hamper


Cover an old plastic laundry hamper with some rope with the help of a glue gun. You’ll have a brand new attractive laundry hamper. You can leave it in your bathroom shamelessly.

5. Soap dispenser


Buy a soap dispenser nozzle at the hardware store. You can also take one from home if you have spare ones lying around. Then, choose an empty bottle that you like to make your custom soap dispenser.

6. Shelf above the door


Installing a shelf on top of your bathroom door is a great way to use unused space. Store clean towels or objects you don’t use often.

7. Bath caddy


All you need to make a charming bath caddy is a large piece of wood. You can even varnish it if you want to.

8. Storage inside the medicine cabinet door


In order to have more space, get yourself little plastic compartment separators as well as double-faced tape. Fix your separators inside the medicine cabinet door with the tape for extra storage that is practical and effective. Put your makeup, your toothbrush, etc.

9. Magnetic strip for your accessories


A magnetic strip is also a wise accessory to add to your medicine cabinet door. You can place tweezers, nail clippers, nail files, etc.

10. Storage inside your sink vanity door


Like for your medicine cabinet door, you can use the inside of your vanity to store things so you can save space in your bathroom. Build small wooden containers or buy some plastic baskets and fix them to the door.

11. Soap bottle clamps


Hang your soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other shower accessories on your curtain rod with some metal clamps. Bend the rust-proof metal clamp extremities and attach whatever you wish to hang.

12. Sliding tablets


This trick helps to access things that are far inside your sink vanity and to maximize space. Get yourself storage drawers made for kitchen cabinets and install them in your bathroom.

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