10 animals that have habits similar to humans

Although humans and animals are totally different in many ways, some behaviours of the two species are very similar.


Although animals and humans have coexisted for millions of years, each has its own way of life and habits related to its species. Although humans are considered much more evolved than animals, it has been proven that there are very intelligent animals and some of them even behave in the same way as humans.

10. The gorillas

The way they communicate is one reason why these great apes are closer to humans than we think. Watch them use their posture, facial expressions and sounds to communicate and you’ll think you’re in a crowded New York restaurant.

9. Chimpanzees

These mammals, which are the closest to humans, also use their bodies to communicate. Some chimpanzees have even mastered the art of sign language, allowing them to really tell us what they think.

8. Sloth

Lying around all day doing almost nothing is what makes lazy people happy. We know some people, especially teenagers, who love this hobby.

7. Tamarins

When it comes to breaking bread, these endangered monkeys share food with each other in a group family style. Sometimes we eat the same way, except that it is called “family style” in Chinese and Italian restaurants.

6. The pink flamingos

When you think of these tropical birds, you think of a word: beautiful. Their plumage makes them so majestic that you could put them on the cover of Vogue with celebrities and models!

5. The American Robins

Their bright red colours are not the only characteristic that places them on this list. It is the soft sounds they make that make them comparable to the melodious voices of some singers, such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston or Barbara Streisand.

4. Dolphins

Their need to be among the crowd is what is extremely important for this mammal. They are a social group that likes to swim together as a family.

3. The howler monkeys

As one of the noisiest animals in the wild kingdom, they are like the noisy cousin you dread in public. And don’t even think about silencing them. This will only increase the volume of their voice.

2. The pandas

In addition to being cute and cuddly, they have excellent manners at the table. They are proud to follow the rules of etiquette by eating sitting with their food in their hands.

1. The purple reeds

Like many women we know, the purple female reeds take extreme pride and care in making their “nest” a home. No detail is spared and they take days to build the family nest of sticks and twigs.