These 15 Foods Aren’t Available in Our Country!

Some foods are banned in the United States and with good reason! Want to know why this food is banned in North America? Read our article today.


This may seem surprising, but not all foods are allowed in the United States. Indeed, some are prohibited, and for very good reasons! There is food from all over the world, even from Canada, which is banned from this North American country, whether for labeling or hygiene standards. Discover now 15 foods that you will never be able to eat in the United States!

1. Casu Marzu (Sardinia)


Have you ever eaten this cheese? This one is made from maggot-infested Pecorino and is only good when the larvae are alive and twisting inside its composition.

2. Fruits of ackee (Belize, Jamaica, Haiti)


Unripe or untreated ackee is prohibited in the United States because it contains the toxin hypoglycin, which can cause symptoms ranging from vomiting to coma. It can even cause death.

3. Beluga caviar (Russia)


This food is prohibited in an attempt to protect the beluga whale from overfishing.

4. Absinthe (Switzerland)


Absinthe is subject to FDA and Department of the Treasury regulations and must meet brand and labeling standards. Bottles containing more than 10 mg/L of thujone (a chemical that would probably give absinthe its strong effects) cannot be imported.

5. Bushmeat (various African countries)


Bushmeat (from various tropical animals) is banned in the United States because it can spread several diseases, such as Ebola and HIV.

6. Haggis (Scotland)


This lung made from sheep’s heart, liver and lungs mixed with onion, oatmeal, tallow, and spices, then packed in the animals’ stomachs, has been banned in the United States since 1971.

7. Kangaroo Jerky (Australia)


Fresh, salted, dried or fully cooked meat from most countries is generally prohibited in the United States. Customs may allow you dried meat for your personal use, but do not expect it.

8. Kinder Surprise (Italy)


It is this little surprise inside the toy that causes these eggs to be seized by U.S. customs – federal law prohibits inedible objects from entering the food.

9. Mirabelle de Lorraine (France)


This particular variety is prohibited in the United States because of a trade agreement with France, where the plum has a protected status.

10. Ortolan (France)


This small bird cannot be imported into the United States. A ban was imposed after a significant decline in the species’ population in the 1960s.

11. Rice (India)


Non-commercial imports of uncooked rice are prohibited from any country designated by the USA as being infested by the khapra beetle, including India.

12. Sea turtles (Mexico)


Sea turtles are an endangered species – the sale of their meat, eggs or soup is strictly prohibited in the United States.

13. Desert locust (Belize, Guatemala)


Like other fruits and vegetables, these woody, toe-shaped and highly flavored fruit pods are subject to inspection and are not often allowed in the United States.

14. Tomatoes (via Canada)


Fresh tomatoes grown in any country other than the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic cannot be imported into the United States by Canada.

15. Pork blood cake (Taiwan)


This mixture of pig’s blood and rice on an ice-cream stick is prohibited because the USA considers its preparation unsafe.