20 Food You Should Never Order At McDonalds!

If you are used to eating at Mc Donald's, here are 20 products that you should not order the next time you visit one of these restaurants.


There is no doubt that McDonald’s is the biggest player in the fast-food industry. With 68 million customers served every day and more than 35,000 restaurants worldwide, McDonald’s is easily accessible. With so many places to eat, there’s no shame in driving to the drive-through for breakfast, lunch or dinner – unless you plan to order one of these 20 products.

1Buttermilk and the crispy chicken burger is disastrous for your health

In fast-food chains, “crispy” simply means “breaded with sugar and fried in fat”. Not only does this burger have a fried chicken patty, but it is also made with buttermilk, which is extremely fatty and topped with a ball of mayonnaise vinaigrette. It is therefore ultra bad for your health.