15 animals that look exactly like famous people

Some animals look like humans, but even better, some look like famous people we love or love to hate.


Some people are crazy about being like their favourite celebrity. They can save up astronomical sums of money in order to get plastic surgery. In the past, we’ve seen a Justin Bieber lookalike, David Beckham’s doppelganger and also Kim Kardashian’s.

Unfortunately, more often than not, even after a few operations, it’s really hard to look exactly like a famous person. On the other hand, humans are not the only species that can look like celebrities.

Some animals strikingly look like famous people, whether they are singers, actors, politicians, sportsmen… and even spiritual leaders. Here are 15 of our favourite animal doppelgangers.

1. Donald Trump is certainly characterized by his orange hair. Now you can see his hair looks like a weird caterpillar.

2. This dog and Jonh Travolta share the same piercing blue eyes.

3. Samuel L. Jackson looks really upset here. Well, this dog has an identical annoyed look!

4. If you are familiar with the Youtuber Jenna Marbles, you will have noticed M.Marble, one of her dogs, looks exactly like Snoop Dogg.

5. These two share the same eyes and nose. You could also argue that this dog’s white patch looks like Vladimir Poutine’s tie…

6. Richard Branson and his emblematic white hair have a canine equivalent you did not know about.

7. This adorable alpaca is Talor Lautner’s doppelganger, although he would probably prefer something a bit more like his werewolf character in Twilight…

8. The Dalai Lama also has a lama lookalike. Are we even surprised? This seemed predestined.

9. The actor Adrien Broody and this monkey have the same beautiful eyes and sad look to them.

10. This dog and Harrison Ford have the same adorable crooked smile.

11. It’s always hilarious to see dogs with human expressions. This disappointed puppy looks exactly like Peyton Manning.

12. Leo DiCaprio became a meme as he was photographed walking joyfully a few years back. This cat impersonates him pretty well.

13. Rihanna and this alpaca have the same luxuriant hair.

14. Eugene Levy and this cat share the same thick eyebrows.

15. Back in the days, when Ron Perlman had brown hair, he and this dog looked very similar…