20 Items You Should Buy At Costco

Are you the happy owner of a Costco membership carb or you are thinking of getting one? Learn what you should put on your shopping list before heading into the warehouse.


People who go to Costco love it so much. We usually shop there to buy certain products in large (huge!!) quantities. Not all products should be bought there. But, some are very, very good buys! Heading to Costco every now and then can be extremely beneficial to your wallet. Some items like prescription glasses, almond milk, brands of butter, fresh foods, are awesome deals. Bonus, they taste awesome! Costco only sales the very best products, this is a fact! This giant can choose who they order their stuff from, making quality the highest criteria.

While you should still buy some of your products in other stores, you must discover what is sold at Costco that should absolutely make it to your shopping list and into your larger-than-nature shopping cart. Here are 20 products to buy from Costco!

1Roasted chicken

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Ivo Parashkevov, the creator of Charlie, an artificial intelligence robot with personal finances, said paying $4.99 for Costco’s cooked roast chicken is a good deal. Add a pre-prepared salad, he says, and “it’s a perfect dinner for a family of four” for less than $10.