Here Are 10 Toxic Foods That Most People Consume

Not all foods are healthy. Some can even cause death if they are ill-prepared!


Not all food is healthy! In fact, some foods can even be fatal if you eat them improperly prepared or have the misfortune to eat a bad part of your food. So here are 10 foods that can be toxic and that you may eat on a daily basis.

1Red beans

Uncooked red beans are toxic. They contain lectin, a glycoprotein that causes nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. This toxin is present in other beans, but red beans have the highest concentration. To avoid red bean poisoning, you must cook these foods thoroughly.

The biggest culprits in red bean poisoning are slow cookers, so soak them in water and cook them thoroughly before eating them. And don’t eat raw beans.