11 home cleaning tricks that will change the way you clean

Tired of cleaning, but you're having trouble cleaning some surfaces? These 11 home cleaning tricks will make everything in your home shine!


For many, cleaning is the most boring task and the worst punishment in the world. Let’s be honest, many only start cleaning when they realize their whole house is dirty, every room looking like a battlefield. Cleaning can be a quick and simple process if you know a few basic tricks. Here are 11 genius home cleaning tips that will help you take on your household tasks quickly and more easily.

1Effective ways to clean the dirtiest things in the bathroom

This old shower curtain can look good as new if you scrub all the dirty, yellowed and mouldy zones with an equal part hydrogen peroxide and water mixture. On the other hand, to clean toothbrushes and kill all the germs, soak them in vinegar for one hour. Then, rinse them well with tap water.

Soak sponges you regularly use to clean your bathroom in hot water and vinegar for one hour. Then, wash them well with clean water and dry them.