10 tips to keep your car clean

Stop looking for valuable reason to have an unorganized car and let's give it your best shot. Here are 10 tips and tricks to keep your car clean.


Do you actually have time to spend hours cleaning the inside and outside of your car? Whether the answer is “yes” or “no”, having tricks to simplify your task will certainly not be rejected. Indeed, here are 10 tips that will simplify the cleaning of your vehicle and that will make it like a new one.

10Get rid of stains with Cola soft drink.

If you have insects or debris that are stuck on your headlights, do not scrub for hours to take off!

  1. Pour Coke on a sponge;
  2. Wipe it;
  3. Rinse.

You will be surprised to notice that everything goes easily without rubbing.

Warning : do not apply on the car’s painting.