The 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World Might Surprise You

These 10 countries are the most dangerous places on the planet. Even if they offer beautiful vistas, we highly suggest you don't visit these places.


Travelling is an incredible way to visit remote and extraordinary places all over the world. The planet is so diverse that it is understandable why people want to discover all seven continents. Unfortunately, war, terrorism, political instability, natural disasters and poverty make some countries off-limits for wander-seeking travellers. Discover the 10 most dangerous countries you’ll have to cross off your bucket list for now.


This South American country has had bloody conflicts with communist guerrilla warfare groups as well as with powerful drug lords. Violent crimes have been raging the country for 4 decades now and even though peace agreements were made in 2016, some parts of the country are still too dangerous to visit.