A 13 Year Old Boy Builds a House With Only $1500: Look When Reveals The Inside

Not all teenagers spend their weekends in front of the television. The proof: this 13-year-old boy built his own house


Teenagers are often wrongly accused of being lazy and spending all their free time in front of the television, cell phones or video games. It has to be said that many young people are full of imagination and spend their weekends working on fabulous projects. This is the case of Luke Thill who built his own house with only $1500. Discover the fascinating story of this teenager.

1Here is how the idea for the project came about

When you are a schoolboy, summer is the best part of the year. You can relax and play with your friends. But Luke Thill, from Dubuque, Iowa, was getting bored. He was tired of having nothing to do.

He “wanted to have something to do during the summer”. So he went on the Internet to find fun things to do during the summer holidays. This energetic boy wanted to do something outdoors, which led him to look for interesting DIY projects on YouTube.