You Should Never Use Vinegar to Clean These Things!

Vinegar can help you with many household tasks. It is sometimes good, however, to avoid using them, at least in some cases.


Although vinegar seems to have many uses, there are some situations where you should avoid using it. It’s acid nature makes it not recommended for cleaning specific materials, such as stone, hardwood floors and pearls. In addition, vinegar does not have the antibacterial properties of some cleaners, which prevents it from disinfecting surfaces in the home. If you use it as a household cleaner, you should consider replacing it. Here are some other situations in which vinegar is not the most appropriate product to use.

1Stubborn stains


Even if you think that the acidity of the vinegar can help you remove stains from your clothes, this is not always the case. Vinegar does not remove stains such as grass, ice cream and blood. It is best to use a stain remover and then wash your clothes with enzymatic laundry detergent.