Top 10 Recommended Small Indoor Dogs

Want to cuddle with your dog instead of running a 10K run with them every day? If you are more the type to stay home and eat pizza in front of your favourite sitcom rather than wake up early un a Sunday to go walk on the beach. these dog breeds are perfect for you. Here are the top 10 best indoor dog breeds.


Not all dogs would be happier on a farm with plenty of room to run around all day long. If you live in the city in a small apartment or in a small house in the suburbs with limited front and back yard space, you too can share your life with a furry friend. However, you don’t want to get a dog that needs too much space or that needs to exercise for hours on end. The key is simply to pick your breed accordingly, so that they don’t feel locked up inside. Whether you like big or small dogs with long or short hair, there is the perfect indoor loving breed for you to cuddle with. As long as they get to go for a walk and see the sun every now and then, they will be perfectly happy to stay home with you the rest of the time.

You’re in? Excellent! Take a look at this top 10 of the best indoor dog breeds and you will be ready to adopt your new best friend.

1Australian Terrier

Your Purebred Puppy

These small pups are great companions since they are even-tempered and loyal. Very small, they don’t need a lot of exercise, which makes them great indoor dogs.