[Pics] This Woman Thought She Was Having A Baby, But When She Looked At The Ultrasound, Her Jaw Dropped

Ultrasound can sometimes bring us some nice surprises. A couple was completely stunned when they saw the ultrasounds. Find out why!


Nia, Robert Tolbert, and their son were like any other loving family, at least, until Nia got pregnant for the second and third time. In fact, the type of pregnancies that occurred was so rare that they surprised experts around the world and made national headlines. Read on to find out what happened during Nia’s ultrasounds.

1. Nia and Robert


Nia and Robert first met in 2007 thanks to mutual friends and for them, it was love at first sight. They quickly started dating and things started to happen from then on. The happy couple was devoted to each other. In short, their love relationship was going extremely well.

Over the years, things have continued to improve for the couple. Their relationship had its ups and downs, like all the others, but one thing was clear: their love was meant to last. After a few years of dating, they received some exciting news.

2. A beautiful birth


This incredible news was to discover that Nia was pregnant. This was her very first pregnancy and the couple could not have been happier to hear the news. The loving couple from Waldorf, Maryland knew that raising a family was the next natural step in their relationship.

Nia gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Shai in 2011. The pregnancy went smoothly and the couple could not have been happier. But Shai did not know that he was destined to be the first of a long series of other children to be born to the Tolberts.

3. A union


In 2014, Nia and Robert finally decided to get married, even though they were already a family long before that.

When Nia and Robert got married, something else was going on. This would change the Tolbert family forever. In fact, Nia was pregnant again. The Tolberts were excited about whether their child would be a boy or a girl. But what happened afterward surprised them.

4. A second pregnancy

Over the months of the second pregnancy, the entire Tolbert family was in turmoil, eager to discover the sex of the newborn. But when Nia went to the doctor for her ultrasound, she received some surprising news.

Nia and Robert Tolbert discovered that they were not only going to have a baby but two! What wonderful news for the couple. And as far as the sexes were concerned, both were expected to be boys.

5. The birth


The house became very restless with three little boys running around and destroying everything in their path. But Nia and Robert, together, were a perfect team and managed to keep things in order and love all their children equally.

6. A perfect family

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The Tolberts, who was now a family of five, had a full house with their beautiful sons running around. According to Nia and Robert, they felt that their family was big enough and did not plan to have any more children. But as we all know, plans almost never work as expected.

The couple worked hard to care for their three beautiful children. If they had thought that raising a child was already difficult enough, they quickly realized that having twins was a double problem. But that’s not all the Tolberts were expecting…

7. Surprise


In fact, in 2017, Nia learned that she was pregnant for the third time unexpectedly. The pregnancy was not planned, but Nia and Robert said it was God’s plan, so they prepared to have a new child.

Nevertheless, even if it was not planned, the family was excited to welcome a new member to their family. The parents were excited again, hoping this time they would take in a little girl, the little boys wanted another brother.

8. Nia knows something is different


From the beginning, Nia knew that there was something different about this pregnancy. She knew it from the beginning. Having already experienced two pregnancies, she could feel that something was not the same. She felt it physically and emotionally.

She hoped it meant that she was going to have a daughter. It would be nice to have a daughter in the family after all these sons. But that wasn’t quite the case… as they were about to find out.

9. Nia is starting to worry


Nia Tolbert noticed that with this pregnancy, she had many more emotional reactions and that pregnancy hormones were increasing like never before. She was also growing much faster than with her previous pregnancies. In her mind, she was a little worried that something wasn’t going to go right.

Nia didn’t really understand what was going on because she did everything the same way. She stayed fit by doing yoga and eating good, nutritious food, taking her neonatal vitamins as instructed. It was only when she went for her first ultrasound that she began to understand what was so different this time.

10. The first ultrasound scan


When Nia went for her first ultrasound, she was both nervous and excited, knowing that there was something different about this pregnancy. She couldn’t put her finger on what it was exactly. But it was something important and would change his life.

“Robert and I have always joked about having a big family, but we didn’t plan on having more pregnancies after the twins. We had quite a surprise!” A bigger surprise came when Nia had an ultrasound done.

11. Surprising ultrasounds


At the doctor’s office, she hoped that the baby she was carrying would not present any problems.

“When we were expecting twins, our ultrasound technician asked us if twins were present in our family. This time, the technician asked me the same thing and I said to myself, “Oh, we must still have twins,” Nia said.

12. A double check


The ultrasound technician finally confirmed what Nia suspected: that she was going to have another pair of twins. At first, the news was a shock to Nia. But she quickly recovered, seeing it more as a blessing and a gift from God.

That’s when Nia went to the bathroom, and when she came back, the technician told her he wanted to do another check, just to be sure.

13. The ultrasound scan

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The second ultrasound was more thorough. Nia was not carrying two, but three babies. According to Nia, once she received the news, “everything became uncontrollable”.

The twins, she knew how to do it, but the triplets were another story. At first, she feared that she and her husband Robert would not be able to cope with the significant increase in their family. But she finally accepted the idea.

14. Extremely rare


The same doctor who delivered Nia’s twins was supposed to deliver her triplets, and he said that getting pregnant with one child, then two, then three is “extremely rare”. Dr. Rami Tabbarah added that Nia’s pregnancies defied all expectations when it came to numbers.

“We are talking about less than one in 1000[births]. It is very unlikely to happen to anyone in general,” Dr. Tabbarah told reporters. “It is very rare to have twins and then triplets[naturally] in the same life.”